In this video, you will learn about home storm shelters. This video goes through the ins and outs of storm shelters. He asked if his brother could give him a quick tour of his Tornado Shelter. In the Northern East part of the country where he lives, they do not have Storm Shelters, and I was quite intrigued to see this.

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It is comforting to know that if an F5 Tornado touches down my brother has a safe place to ride out the havoc of a tornado. Tornados can be very frightening. The tornado shelters have to be a little bit angled so that the rain flows off the shelter, and doesn’t come down into the shelter with you when you need to hide down there. There is a good addition you can make to the shelter. An emergency railing is a good idea because it can assist you when you are walking down the stairs in an emergency. Sometimes, they can’t build the railing in. The railing can be really useful when you are walking down there. The ceiling has to be equipped to hold heavy weights. There are instances where people have gotten trapped down in the storm shelter.