Dinar trade

Are you familiar with Iraq currency? The currency of Iraq is the dinar. Until 1959, the dinar was worth just as much as the British pound. After that, inflation kicked in and eventually the value of the Iraq currency collapsed. Even with that, however, it was not until after 2002 that a denomination higher than 250 was printed. Right now, however, the Iraqi dinar value s rather remarkably stable.

Though in the west Iraq is perhaps best known for its many years of war, Iraq, like any country, has additional focuses. One thing Iraq is working on right now is building cheaper, stronger, and more efficient homes. The Iraqi Ministry of Reconstruction and Housing is recommending that builders adopt to new construction systems in order to create greener houses. Right now these housing structures cost around six hundred thousand Iraqi dinars, or about five hundred US dollars, for every square meter. This is lower than the current per meter cost of building a home.

The Iraqi dinar is often something foreign investors look to capitalize on, especially because it has such a stable value and because Iraq currency is distributed to banks and companies through an auction type format, rather than the methods most other countries employ in order to control their currency.