Cervical stenosis

Herniated disc treatment is among today’s most common forms of treatment to repair herniated discs. People with nagging back pain who discover that they have herniated discs will either first make an appointment with a chiropractor or a spinal surgeon to discuss their options. These herniated disc treatment options are wide ranging and are related both to invasive and noninvasive forms of treatment.

Herniated disc treatment usually is most closely associated with bulging disc surgery because the idea is similar for both ailments. The cushion or padding between the discs of the spine are either being crushed or have been moved out of place, and the nagging pain that people feel usually is caused by the discs rubbing up against each other. Without this padding, pain can get quite severe.

Luckily, cervical spine surgery can help repair a herniated disc in neck and other upper regions of the spine. And while this herniated disc treatment generally is the last resort among all other options for patients, it has been known to produce the longest lasting results for some patients. This includes patients as well with cervical spinal stenosis or who require spinal fusion surgery.

People looking for herniated disc treatment options, then, should start with their spine doctors or with other spine specialists. Getting various opinions on how to handle the procedure is vastly important. It seriously could mean the difference between a healthier back and spine and one that requires multiple surgeries or years of treatment.