When faced with the need to repel skunks in a general area, there are a few ways of going about this. First of all, take stock of how much land you wish to repel skunks from in general. If there is extensive acreage in question, are there any specific places or areas within this property that you want to repel skunks from in particular? Trying to repel skunks or any other woodland creature from a large plot of land can be very difficult without some rather costly measures being taken, so be sure to set a budget for this type of project before going forward.

For example, if you wish to repel skunks from a crawl space underneath your house or other buildings, your best bet for success in this matter is often a physical barrier. Make it impossible for skunks to successfully access this area, and they will likely make their home in a much less forbidding place. If you have a barn or garden area that you wish to repel skunks from, the same principle applies. Make sure that any fencing you wish to erect is hard for a skunk to scale, and this should solve much of the problem.

There are also chemical methods that you can use to repel skunks in particular, as well. However, it should be noted that many chemical methods used to repel skunks and other woodland creatures can often be quickly washed away by rain, et cetera in the great outdoors. If you have a few specific areas in particular that you don’t mind reapplying these chemicals to on a regular basis, this might not be a bad idea. For best results, search the web for reviews on any chemicals that can be used to repel skunks. Read through the reviews in question, and then determine which of these products seems to be the best for the project in question overall.