The 15 passenger van is a very popular sized vehicle that is sold in the United States. These vans have been sold to the public for about the last 40 years. The 15 passenger van really didn’t become so popular until after the early 1990s. The 15 passenger van is commonly used by churches and organizations. A business will use a 15 passenger van to transport people in too. For instance, these vans are used a lot for airport shuttle buses. Senior care homes will use this size as well to transport the residents to and from doctor’s appointments, or to shopping centers, etc.

Most states require the driver to have a commercial driver’s license in order to legally drive a passenger van. These vans are really not hard to drive though, once you get used to them. The 15 passenger van can be purchased at a local dealer or you can go online to shop for the one you need. There are vans for sale that are brand new. You can also buy a 15 passenger van that is used. If you are going to buy a used 15 passenger van you should only consider getting one that has been safety inspected and safety certified. These vans have to meet safety requirements set by the government before they can be sold by a dealer. Passenger safety is a big concern with the 15 passenger van. Some of these vans are built better than others. The Federal Coach or the Starcraft 15 passenger vans are some of the safest vans that you can find for a sale.

15 passenger van is also used to take tour groups around or by travel agencies that takes groups of people on vacations or sightseeing, etc. These vans can be manufactured with luggage compartments so passengers can have a place to keep their luggage or bags. 15 passenger vans can also be bought with wheel chair lifts for passengers that are disabled. Before you buy the van you need it is a good idea to do some comparison shopping in order to find the best van for your budget.