Assembly boards have been one of the most important components of computers, completely changing the way that electronics are manufactured, and even the costs of consumers all across the world. With the rapid changes in technology that the world sees, assembly boards are often times overlooked as attention is drawn to the more flashy components that the technology industries have seen. Not enough people appreciate the assembly board, although this is one piece of technology that has completely influenced the industry, even changing the direction that the evolution of the computer has gone.

Among computer building enthusiasts, the assembly board is known as setting the industry standard while still allowing those that demand customization the ability to get it. After being produced and relied on by manufacturers all across the globe, the assembly board has made itself a permanent part of the computer making process, and it has often been too costly to attempt using anything else. At the same time, the amount of different companies offering assembly boards has been large enough to accommodate the needs of individuals with different interests and needs, creating the type of versatility needed to keep different types of hobbyists and professionals satisfied.

Throughout the technological changes that the computer industries have seen, the assembly board has remained one of the central components relied upon by both consumers and businesses all across the world. Businesses have even easily been able to conduct business in a global environment, working with those from across seas to build the tools that consumers expect, and businesses demand. Through globalization, as well as the other changes that the business world has seen with their inception, assembly boards have still been considered just as important as ever. Even with the future trends that suggest home computers will slowly grow obsolete to make way for mobile devices, many professionals suggest that the assembly board will remain as important as ever and will continue to serve industries and consumers for years. Although there have been alternative tools created to replace assembly boards, these have usually been too expensive to implement, especially across entire industries. With the amount of electronics that have already been altered to accept and support assembly boards, it would be incredibly difficult for any business to be able to take advantage of alternatives, unless they are taking advantage of certain strategies such as horizontal integration or have some other competitive advantage they can use.