How to Hire the Right SEO Reseller Who Will Make You Money

What should you be looking for in your search for an SEO reseller? There are a lot of convincing amateurs out there waiting to take your money and then fail to get results. And while hard luck may be the surest way to find out who the shills are, we prefer that you hire the right SEO Reseller for your agency the first time.

Three Qualities of a Quality SEO Reseller
1. The reseller you choose should be trustworthy. They should have been in the business of SEO reselling for at least five years. They should have been reviewed online enough times for you to get a good idea of how well they run their business. SEO is all about generating a broad online profile, so if they haven’t got one- you should probably continue your search.

2. They should be able to give you a timeline for the results you can expect, then they should be able to deliver the results according to schedule. This is similar to #1. Your potential reseller should know the business well enough to be able to predict the result the action they take will have. If they can’t make accurate predictions, they are not sufficiently experienced or disciplined.

3. Tangible results. You may have to wait to see them, but tangible results are the only thing you expect of any service you pay for. You will have the deadlines your reseller has laid out for themselves. All you have to do is check up on their progress at the projected miles stones they have laid out for you in their results timeline.
Narrowing Your Search
There is one glaring problem here, that is- once you’ve checked to see if your potential reseller has an online presence, the next part of the selection process requires you to wait, and possibly retain their services in order to get the timeline we mentioned and the resulting traffic that they are promising according to that schedule.

This is a sticking point that may be hard to avoid. However, by applying additional selection criteria, you may be able to sniff out the phonies before being duped into lining their pockets too much.

1. Ask them what they consider to be a result. There are basically only two real types of results that any professional SEO reseller should judge their work by – Sales and Leads. They should either be making money, or they should be moving toward making money. If you’re dealing with a reseller who does not seem absolutely certain that those two things are how they should measure their work, they are either not professional, or they are trying to obscure the nuts and bolts of the trade from you so that they can keep you on the hook as long as possible.

2. Ask them how seriously they take the quality of the content they use to draw traffic. The short answer should be ‘very seriously.’ SEO optimization has been around long enough that savvy web surfers are wise to it. They know the content they enjoy is laden with suggested advertisement and links to points of purchase. The way content consumers are compensated for being exposed to advertising is the same way they always have been compensated since the dawn of commercial entertainment – by being provided quality content that satisfies their desire for knowledge or pleasure.

The leading SEO resellers are not content producers. They hire professional content producers to generate engaging, informative, entertaining writing, video, or what have you- in order to draw traffic.

If you encounter a reseller who claims to write all his own content the next logical question to ask is, ‘How do you find the time to do SEO reselling?’ SEO resale IS a full-time job. So is content production. Anyone who claims to do both is either a mutant who doesn’t need sleep, doing one or both badly or they are blowing smoke. Whichever is the case, this candidate is not the one you should be investing in.

Should they answer correctly, and explain that they contract out to several artistic or creative content creators, they should invite you to look at the content they use. You should take in at least one or two hours of the SEO laden content that they provide. Have an open mind, if what you see isn’t to your particular liking. Judge it by the quality rather than by the subject.

What Can Go Wrong?
There’s a great deal of things that need to go right before you can reasonably place your faith in a specific SEO reseller, and, unfortunately, there is also quite a bit that can go wrong. The tips provided here are not comprehensive, but you can think of them as lynchpins to a well conceived SEO business.

If you’ve got a reseller on the line who does not know what results are, you should cut them loose. Likewise, if they do not have an ethic that demands high-quality content, then they are not being serious about running an SEO business.

If you’re interviewing a candidate that meets those two criteria, then it’s fairly safe to say that they are worth further investigation.