Why Outsourcing SEO Is More Profitable

SEO is an outstanding way to improve traffic to your website but it can be truly time consuming and difficult to do in house. There are some things however that you can do to help reduce costs and actually make more money with your SEO practices. When it comes to SEO, outsourcing is perhaps one of your most beneficial things you can do to improve overall costs and profits. Here are five reasons that outsourcing your SEO is going to make you more money.

  1. Saves Time- the first benefit is that outsourcing can save you a great deal of time. When it comes to properly outfitting a website or web copy for SEO purposes it can take weeks to perfectly hone the overall content. That being said, this means that if you do your SEO in house you can expect to pay for salary for your employee to keep your content up to date and really get it SEO ready. This can take ample time away from other ventures that may be just as important. This means that you will end up wasting time rather than saving time which can be very detrimental in terms of utilizing your time right.
  2. Saves Money- overall outsourcing your SEO can truly save you tons of money in both the short term and long run. In most cases SEO resellers are competing with other potential resellers so they do offer very competitive rates. This means that you are going to be able to get your SEO completed for a fraction of what it would cost to pay the salary of someone in house. You are going to save the salary and both the technology that it takes to make for great SEO which means you can devote your money to other ventures.
  3. Great Customer Service- everyone knows how completely devastating it can be to have your hopes up then run into a snag that derails your entire project. Not knowing what is going on and not having a good handle on your SEO can really make for a difficult time and can make your projects nowhere near on course. SEO resellers are always there to help you get rid of issues and really figure out what is going to work and what does not work. Your reseller can really help you figure out what problems you may run into and can help you get those bugs out quickly without having to stall your projects and wait until you figure out how to remedy the issue on your own. It is going to be far more beneficial to have a team on your side that can help you get your content up and ready as soon as possible.
  4. They Know the Business- resellers are really going to know just what they can do and really figure out what is going on with the current market and what is going to work best for you. It is always easy for those companies to be able to tell you what they can do and what they can do to get your content and your sites up and running. Resellers are professional and they know what works, what does not work, and what they can do to improve the overall content and the quality of your SEO. These resellers have years of work on their side so that they can really figure out what is going to work and what they can work on. A reseller is going to know what works best and what does not.
  5. They Can Work Around the Clock- in most cases these individuals that work for resellers have shift schedules which means that they can work on your content at just about any time. This means that you are not going to be limited to working just during work hours and can get your content up and ready any time that you need. It is not necessary to worry about how to get your content fixed if you see an issue in the early hours of in hours where your staff is not on hand. It is always going to be easier to get work done quickly and efficiently if you have resellers on the case so you can be sure that your content is being paid the correct attention and that you are going to have your SEO on point in the right amount of time.

SEO is a huge part of any website and of the success of that site. Knowing that it can save companies time and money if they have resellers handle their SEO rather than try to tackle it themselves. Overall outsourcing your SEO can help save you time and money and can actually help you make more money on average than if you try to work on the SEO yourself. SEO can be difficult, but with the help of a good reseller anyone can have the SEO content they want.

SEO Reseller Procurement: The Ultimate Game of Where’s Waldo

If you have decided that having an SEO reseller available for use by your agency is a beneficial idea, there are a number of issues you would best to consider.

By the time you get to this point in your business, you have probably already decided to strengthening your credentials as an effective SEO resource.  What is probably standing in your way, however, is either finding the actual resources and/or making an affiliation with your agency.  After all, there are a large number of self-appointed experts in SEO out there.  The issue is separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, in finding the real experts and distinguishing them from those whose expertise extends as far as reading a book on the subject, or even less.  This article will help you accomplish this objective.

1.  Find a qualified SEO expert.  SEO resellers come in a variety of shapes.  They range everywhere from very serious hobbyists to those who are real professionals.  Just as wide ranging as the professionals are themselves are the price tags associated with them.  You could think of them just as you would homes and cars, in that you could find virtually anything you want for practically any price.  Unfortunately, what you might be able to afford might not be very qualified, and what is well qualified you might not be able to afford.  Granted, you might be able to find a good deal, but it will take time and effort.

2.  How to hire your SEO reseller.  After you have collected a series of choices for those you might want to work with, it’s time to do some interviews.  Just as is the case with hiring anyone, it’s often difficult to pick one without sometimes making mistakes.  After all, people often misrepresent themselves in order to get work, but end up failing miserably when it comes to performing.  This is, after all, a big disappointment for whomever hired them, but it happens.  Making this easier–or more complicated, depending on your perspective–is the option of outsourcing your SEO needs to an individual or a specialized agency, which is no guarantee of success, but is another option.

3.  Explore your options.  So far what you have done is of a lot of help, but you have probably created more questions than found answers at this point.  This is very common, but this is also usually the point at which you can start thinning out your prospects to bring you closer to someone who might be able to fulfill your needs.

Whomever a prospective SEO reseller is that you are considering, make sure you feel like you have the right to ask anything you wish about their qualifications.  The trouble with SEO is that the field is relatively new, as the Internet goes, so finding someone who is a real expert can be difficult.  After all, even when you are looking at someone’s sales materials or resume, what does that really tell you about the qualifications and experience to do SEO work?  No much.  The proof, however, is in the prophetic pudding, which is where you can often discern where the experts are and which are the wanna-bes.

4.  Ask for proof.  Everything you have done up to this point will help you to determine which avenue you want to turn to for your SEO needs.  At this point, however, you should be able to make major strides in your winnowing process.  This is done by asking your prospective SEO resource questions, not only about their actual qualifications, but about their success rates with past employer and/or agencies.

One of the most important things to ask about is numbers.  People will often throw up smokescreens when it comes to proving their abilities.  Don’t allow this.  If, for example, they tell you that they used their SEO skills to cause a “dramatic increase in orders through X websites,” ask for actual statistics.  Generalities don’t help.  And if someone really is worth their salt, they will not only have those numbers available, they will be happy to provide them, along with references.

5.  Work out the numbers.  By this time you have probably gotten a good grip on certain people and/or agencies you would like to use in your SEO needs.  What is needed now is a finer blade to narrow your selection down.  Never let money be the reason why you don’t take advantage of a good opportunity.  Granted, there are drawbacks to every option, especially when you consider that any of these prospects could take your clients and run, but in the final analysis, there are drawbacks to every business decision you will ever make.  When this comes to mind, remember what General Patton said about plans: “A good plan executed well today is far superior than a excellent plan carried out tomorrow.”